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The main phenolic compounds responsible for the antioxidant capacity of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) pulp 13
Innovative Extraction Technologies for Development of Functional Ingredients Based on Polyphenols from Olive Leaves 12
Carotenoids in Fresh and Processed Food: Between Biosynthesis and Degradation 10
Evolution of phenolic and volatile compounds during bottle storage of a white wine without added sulfite 9
Effect of pre-harvest inactivated yeast treatment on the anthocyanin content and quality of table grapes 9
The Tower of Babel of Pharma-Food Study on Extra Virgin Olive Oil Polyphenols 8
Overview of the Potential Beneficial Effects of Carotenoids on Consumer Health and Well-Being 8
Editorial: New insights and perspectives of polyphenols in nutrition 8
Suitability of dried olive pulp in slow-growing broilers: performance, meat quality, oxidation products, and intestinal mucosa features 8
Viticultural Climate Indexes and Their Role in The Prediction of Anthocyanins and Other Flavonoids Content in Seedless Table Grapes 7
Protected geographical indications for EVOO in Tunisia: Towards environmental, social, and economic sustainable development 7
Anthocyanins: The Infinite Properties of These Incredible Compounds 7
Processing of Carob Kernels to Syrup by Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction 7
Optimization of a Green Extraction of Polyphenols from Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) Pulp 6
Unripe carob pods: an innovative source of antioxidant molecules for the preparation of high-added value gummies 6
Profile of enzyme in drupe of oueslati's cv. olives during ripening phases: A support method implementation in the production of extra virgin olive oil 6
Effects of different winter pruning times on table grape vines performance and starch reserves to face climate changes 6
Effect of soil management and training system on Negroamaro wine aroma 6
Olive sound: A sustainable radical innovation 6
Color stabilization of apulian red wines through the sequential inoculation of starmerella bacillaris and saccharomyces cerevisiae 6
Exploration and exploitation of the functional characteristics of the cultivar ‘Filippo Cea’ Apulian almond 6
Kefir Enriched with Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) Leaves Extract as a New Ingredient during a Gluten-Free Bread-Making Process 6
Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of antioxidants from bamboo shoots of Phyllostachys pubescens 6
Wine Lees as Source of Antioxidant Molecules: Green Extraction Procedure and Biological Activity 6
Hemp: An Alternative Source for Various Industries and an Emerging Tool for Functional Food and Pharmaceutical Sectors 6
A Tara Gum/Olive Mill Wastewaters Phytochemicals Conjugate as a New Ingredient for the Formulation of an Antioxidant-Enriched Pudding 5
Synthesis and Characterization of a Biopolymer Pectin/Ethanolic Extract from Olive Mill Wastewater: In Vitro Safety and Efficacy Tests on Skin Wound Healing 5
Dietary effects of extra virgin olive oil extracted by ultrasound technology or refined olive oil on the quality traits of pork and “capocollo di martina franca” dry-cured meat 5
Influence of vinification process over the composition of volatile compounds and sensorial characteristics of greek wines 5
Towards a new food labelling system for sustainable food production and healthy responsible consumption: The Med Index Checklist 5
Classification of wine grape biotypes according to their variety and sanitary condition by fingerprinting untargeted analysis 5
Extra virgin olive oil extract rich in secoiridoids induces an anti-inflammatory profile in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from obese children 5
Yield and quality characteristics of brassica microgreens as affected by the NH4:NO3 molar ratio and strength of the nutrient solution 5
Overview of the Polyphenols in Salicornia: From Recovery to Health-Promoting Effect 5
Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) Generated through Red LED Light and a Natural Photoconverter Gel as a New, Non-Invasive Approach for Facial Age Control: A Pilot Study 5
Extra virgin olive oil extracts modulate the inflammatory ability of murine dendritic cells based on their polyphenols pattern: Correlation between chemical composition and biological function 5
Quantification of volatile compounds in wines by HS-SPME-GC/MS: Critical issues and use of multivariate statistics in method optimization 5
How pre-harvest inactivated yeast treatment may influence the norisoprenoid aroma potential in wine grapes 5
Scientific evidence supporting the newly developed one-health labeling tool “Med-Index”: an umbrella systematic review on health benefits of mediterranean diet principles and adherence in a planeterranean perspective 5
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