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NA - Nord America 5.034
EU - Europa 1.510
AS - Asia 332
SA - Sud America 11
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
OC - Oceania 2
Totale 6.892
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 5.020
IT - Italia 583
CN - Cina 242
FI - Finlandia 179
UA - Ucraina 133
GB - Regno Unito 116
IE - Irlanda 106
DE - Germania 92
BE - Belgio 81
RU - Federazione Russa 52
SE - Svezia 49
RO - Romania 39
PL - Polonia 24
IN - India 18
FR - Francia 14
HK - Hong Kong 14
IR - Iran 14
CA - Canada 12
NL - Olanda 10
KR - Corea 9
JP - Giappone 8
TR - Turchia 8
AT - Austria 7
BG - Bulgaria 6
CH - Svizzera 6
ES - Italia 4
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 3
BR - Brasile 3
CY - Cipro 3
EU - Europa 3
PE - Perù 3
AL - Albania 2
AR - Argentina 2
AU - Australia 2
CL - Cile 2
DK - Danimarca 2
GR - Grecia 2
MX - Messico 2
NO - Norvegia 2
TW - Taiwan 2
UZ - Uzbekistan 2
BD - Bangladesh 1
EC - Ecuador 1
IL - Israele 1
KH - Cambogia 1
KW - Kuwait 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
LT - Lituania 1
PH - Filippine 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SG - Singapore 1
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Fairfield 826
Chandler 578
Woodbridge 424
Houston 412
Wilmington 318
Ashburn 310
Seattle 299
Ann Arbor 278
Cambridge 256
Palermo 177
Medford 132
Dublin 103
Altamura 89
Des Moines 87
Princeton 87
Brussels 81
San Diego 75
Lawrence 71
Jacksonville 68
Nanjing 50
Boardman 34
Bremen 34
Boydton 33
Dearborn 33
London 29
Jinan 26
Changsha 24
Tulsa 24
Helsinki 21
Shenyang 17
Beijing 16
Chicago 15
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Aversa 14
Kumar 14
Nanchang 13
Milan 12
Hebei 10
Jiaxing 10
Phoenix 10
Redwood City 10
Tehran 10
Tianjin 10
Central 9
Izmir 8
Ningbo 8
Saint Petersburg 8
San Mateo 8
San Paolo di Civitate 8
Orange 7
Seelze 7
Seongnam 7
Edinburgh 6
Norwalk 6
Rome 6
Taiyuan 6
Toronto 6
Auburn Hills 5
Guangzhou 5
Haikou 5
Hanover 5
Islington 5
Lucera 5
Moscow 5
Sofia 5
Turin 5
Zhengzhou 5
Amsterdam 4
Florence 4
Frankfurt am Main 4
Fuzhou 4
Kunming 4
Naples 4
Partanna 4
Verona 4
Vienna 4
Bari 3
Cagliari 3
Casteltermini 3
Frankfurt Am Main 3
Hangzhou 3
Lanzhou 3
Lima 3
Limassol 3
Los Angeles 3
Osio Sotto 3
Reggio Emilia 3
Tokyo 3
Venice 3
Aci Sant'antonio 2
Agrigento 2
Alcamo 2
Atlanta 2
Bagheria 2
Bologna 2
Cattolica 2
Chiswick 2
Clearwater 2
Copenhagen 2
Council Bluffs 2
Totale 5.402
Nome #
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null 59
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Cancer of the Thyroid 40
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Arterial Stiffness: Effects of Anticancer Drugs Used for Breast Cancer Women 36
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Deep Learning Networks for Automatic Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Segmentation in Computerized Tomography 35
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Get up, stand up: Alongside adolescents and young adults with cancer for their right to be forgotten 17
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Higher Incidence of Cancer Therapy-Related Cardiac Dysfunction in the COVID-19 Era: A Single Cardio-Oncology Center Experience 15
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Healthcare Professional Communication on Sexual Health: A Report from the Italian Working Group on Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer 11
Real-world Outcome of Patients with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma and Intermediate- or Poor-risk International Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Database Consortium Criteria Treated by Immune-oncology Combinations: Differential Effectiveness by Risk Group? 11
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