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12016MR3340328 (Review) 82C22 Borodin, Alexei ( 1-MIT ) ; Corwin, Ivan ( 1-MIT ) Discrete time q -TASEPs. (English. English summary) Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2015, no. 2, 499–537.RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.  riservati
22016MR3380983 (Review) 82D10 35Q83 Han-Kwan, Daniel ( F-ENS-DAM ) Anisotropie dans un plasma fortement magnétisé. (French. French summary) [Anisotropy in a strongly magnetized plasma] Séminaire Laurent Schwartz— Equations aux dérivées partielles et applications. Année 2011-2012 Exp. No. XXV, 14 pp., Sémin. Equ. ́ Dériv. Partielles, Ecole Polytech., Palaiseau, 2013.RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.  riservati
32009MR2482596 : Babu, G. V. R.; Kameswari, M. V. R. Common fixed point theorems using different contractive type conditions involving rational expressions. Proc. Jangjeon Math. Soc. 11 (2008), no. 2, 113–136.VETRO, Pasquale  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroVetro, P.-
42009MR2461637: Pant, Vyomesh Contractive conditions and common fixed points. Acta Math. Acad. Paedagog. Nyházi. (N.S.) 24 (2008), no. 2, 257–266.VETRO, Pasquale  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroVetro, P.-
52010MR2569625 (Review) 82B23 (82-02 82B05 82B20 82C05 82C23) Campa, Alessandro; Dauxois, Thierry (F-ENSLY-LP); Ruffo, Stefano (I-FRNZ-EG) Statistical mechanics and dynamics of solvable models with long-range interactions. (English summary) Phys. Rep. 480 (2009), no. 3-6, 57–159. MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS, p. MR2569625, ISSN: 0025-5629RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.-
62010MR2543911: Drozdowski, Robert On the generalized variation and generalized weak variation of maps with values in metric linear spaces. Tatra Mt. Math. Publ. 42 (2009), 131–148.VETRO, Pasquale  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroVetro, P.-
72011MR2664252: Aziz, W.; Leiva, H.; Merentes, N.; Sánchez, J. L. Functions of two variables with bounded φ-variation in the sense of Riesz. J. Math. Appl. 32 (2010), 5–23.VETRO, Pasquale  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroVetro, P.-
82017MR3434006 Arkeryd, Leif [Arkeryd, Leif O.] (S-CHAL); Nouri, Anne (F-AMU-IM) Well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for a space-dependent anyon Boltzmann equation. (English summary) SIAM J. Math. Anal. 47 (2015), no. 6, 4720{4742.RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.  riservati
92017MR3476070 Oyarzabal, R. S. (BR-UEPG-GPP); Szezech, J. D. (BR-UEPG-MS); Batista, A. M. (BR-UEPG-MS); de Souza, S. L. T. (BR-UFSJ2-PM); Caldas, I. L. (BR-SPL-P); Viana, R. L. (BR-UFP-P); Sanjuàn, M. A. F. (E-URJC-P) Transient chaotic transport in dissipative drift motion. Phys. Lett. A 380 (2016), no. 18-19, 1621-1626.RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.  riservati
102016MR3366091 (Review) 82C22 82D05 Opoku, Alex ( NL-DELF-IAM ) ; Redig, Frank ( NL-DELF-IAM ) Coupling and hydrodynamic limit for the inclusion process. (English. English summary) J. Stat. Phys. 160 (2015), no. 3, 532–547.RICCI, Valeria  09 - Altro::9.1 AltroRicci, V.  riservati


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