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1-gen-2011 Is 5-ASA Still the Treatment of Choice for Ulcerative Colitis? COTTONE, Mario + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Cottone, M; Renna, S; Modesto, I; Orlando, A
1-gen-2012 IS A 3D SPECKLE TRACKING ALGORITHM SYNONYMOUS WITH BETTER ESTIMATION OF LEFT VENTRICULAR FUNCTION? BELLAVIA, Diego + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.13 Abstract in rivista Bellavia, D; Nesser, J; Weinert, L; Johannes, N; Mor-Avi, V; Lang, R; Sinusas, AJ; Sugeng, L.
1-gen-2022 Is a Catalyst Always Needed? The Case of the Knoevenagel Reaction with Malononitrile Campisciano V.Giacalone F.Gruttadauria M. 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Campisciano V.; Giacalone F.; Gruttadauria M.
1-gen-2018 Is a digital platform useful in headache training? A 4-year Italian experience Loiacono, CarmelaMessina, Luca MariaCorrenti, EdvigeBrighina, Filippo + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.06 Lettera Raieli, Vincenzo*; Loiacono, Carmela; Messina, Luca Maria; Correnti, Edvige; Brighina, Filippo
1-gen-2020 Is a Vaginectomy Enough or is a Pelvic Exenteration Always Required for Surgical Treatment of Recurrent Cervical Cancer? A Propensity-Matched Study Chiantera V. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Vizzielli G.; Tortorella L.; Conte C.; Chiantera V.; Gallotta V.; Foschi N.; Arcieri M.; Ferrandina G.; Fagotti A.; Zattoni F.; Scambia G.; Ercoli A.
1-gen-2012 Is Acetaldehyde a substance of abuse? Evidence from a free-access, three-bottle choice paradigm SUTERA, Flavia MariaCACACE, SilvanaGIANNOLA, Libero ItaloDE CARO, VivianaBRANCATO, AnnaCANNIZZARO, Carla 10 - Proceedings::Proceedings Sutera, FM; Cacace, S; Giannola, LI; De Caro, V; Brancato, A; Cannizzaro, C
1-gen-2019 Is active transport and leisure-time physical activity associated with inflammatory markers in US adults? A cross-sectional analyses from NHANES Veronese, N. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Smith, L.; Stubbs, B.; Hu, L.; Veronese, N.; Vancampfort, D.; Williams, G.; Vicinanza, D.; Jackson, S.E.; Ying, L.; López-Sánchez, G.F.; Yang, L.
1-gen-2019 Is aesthetic mind a plastic mind? Reflections on Goethe and Catherine Malabou Maggiore V 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Maggiore V
1-gen-2005 Is an Increase of the Fiscal Budget at EMU level Desirable? FURCERI, Davide 02 - Contributo in volume::2.01 Capitolo o Saggio Furceri, D
1-gen-2020 Is Aspirin a Worthy Candidate in Preventing Intracranial Aneurysm Rupture? Grasso G. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Grasso G.; Torregrossa F.
1-gen-2008 Is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Helpful for Heart Failure Management in the Emergency Department? PARRINELLO, GaspareTORRES, Daniele + 10 - Proceedings::Proceedings PARRINELLO G; TORRES D; PATERNA S DI PASQUALE P LICATA G
1-gen-2020 Is bodyweight affecting plantar pressure distribution in children? An observational study Feka K.Brusa J.Giustino V.Bianco A.Iovane A.Palma A.Messina G. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Feka K.; Brusa J.; Cannata R.; Giustino V.; Bianco A.; Gjaka M.; Iovane A.; Palma A.; Messina G.
1-gen-2009 Is BRCA1-5083del19, identified in breast cancer patients of Sicilian origin, a Calabrian founder mutation? RUSSO, AntonioRIZZO, SergioDI GAUDIO, FrancescaGULOTTA, ElianaDI FEDE, GaetanaBAZAN, Viviana + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Russo, A; Calò, V; Bruno, L; Schirò, V; Agnese, V; Cascio, S; Foddai, E; Fanale, D; Rizzo, S; Di Gaudio, F; Gulotta, E; Surmacz, E; Di Fede, G; Bazan, V
1-gen-2012 IS CALORIMETRY A CRUCIAL TECHNIQUE FOR STUDYING INNOVATIVE NANOMATERIALS? CAVALLARO, GiuseppeLAZZARA, GiuseppeMILIOTO, Stefana 10 - Proceedings::Proceedings Cavallaro, G; Lazzara, G; Milioto, S
1-gen-2020 Is caretta caretta a carrier of antibiotic resistance in the mediterranean sea? Alduina R.Presentato A.Sucato A.Savoca D.Arculeo M. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Alduina R.; Gambino D.; Presentato A.; Gentile A.; Sucato A.; Savoca D.; Filippello S.; Visconti G.; Caracappa G.; Vicari D.; Arculeo M.
1-gen-2004 Is CD1a involved in antitumour immune responses during carcinogenesis? CAPPELLO, Francesco 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista CAPPELLO F
1-gen-2006 Is cerebral asymmetry associated with serotonin transporter in psychosis? La Cascia, C + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.05 Abstract in atti di convegno pubblicato in rivista Papili, P; Aitchison, KJ; Morgan, K; Fearon, P; Morgan, C; Lappin, J; Di Forti, M; Aas, M; Butt, A; Eyeson, J; La Cascia, C; Miorelli, A; Mondelli, V; Navari, S; Pariante, CM; Curtis, L; David, C; Murray, RM; Dazzan, P
1-gen-2005 Is chlamydial heat shock protein 60 a risk factor for oncogenesis? DI FELICE, ValentinaDAVID, SabrinaCAPPELLO, FrancescoFARINA, FeliciaZUMMO, Giovanni 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.01 Articolo in rivista Di Felice, V; David, S; Cappello, F; Farina, F; Zummo, G
1-gen-2019 Is chocolate consumption associated with health outcomes? An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses Veronese, N. + 01 - Contributo in rivista::1.09 Review essay (rassegna critica) Veronese, N.; Demurtas, J.; Celotto, S.; Caruso, M.G.; Maggi, S.; Bolzetta, F.; Firth, J.; Smith, L.; Schofield, P.; Koyanagi, A.; Yang, L.; Solmi, M.; Stubbs, B.
1-gen-2020 Is Citizen Science a valid tool for monitoring alien species in Marine Protected Areas? Mannino A. M. + 02 - Contributo in volume::2.08 Abstract in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Mannino A.M.; Balistreri P.; Mioni E.
Mostrati risultati da 63.744 a 63.763 di 135.860
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